Judo Rules

Keys to Victory

Throw or Trip your opponent directly landing them flat on his or her back wins the match. 
Submission doing groundwork wins the match.
Pin your opponent back flat to the mat for 10 seconds wins the match.

No single leg

No double leg

No chain wrestling

No style of take down where you have to touch the legs first.

All take downs must be a Throw or a Trip!

No jumping or setting to guard!

Competitors will be matched up by Age Weight and Belt rank.

Kids 12 and under will have a 3-minute round

Teens 13 through 17 will have a 4 minute round

Adults 18 and up will have a 5 minute round

Any Throw or Trip where the opponent does Not land flat on their back ground work (Grappling) will continue for 1 minute. In that 1min,the competitors can gain victory by a Submission or 10sec Pin !

If There's no submission or pin After the 1 minute of ground work (Grappling) both competitors will be stood back up.

LeLeo Code reserves the right to combine weight classes and belts.

All Weigh-ins will be the day of the event.

Hygiene Rule: All competitors must wear a clean competition uniform (Gi). If a Referee feels this criterion has not been met, they will not allow the competitor to compete.

mouthpiece: Optional


Wrestling/Martial Arts: shoes are allowed

Ear guards: (ear protectors) are allowed


Excessive taping: of hands, wrists and feet is not allowed.

Knee braces: cannot have a solid portion that may result in injury.

Fashion: cannot interfere with the match. Due to the potential for injury to the eyes, and otherwise interfering with the normal play of a match, spiked hair, particularly spiked Mohawks, of a length and consistency sufficient to cause irritation to the eyes are prohibited.

Disqualification: A "warning" will be given when a fighter commits a foul or illegal action or does not follow the referee's instruction. Three warnings will result in a Disqualification. If a fighter is injured and unable to continue due to a deliberate illegal technique from his or her opponent, the opponent will be Disqualified.

Corner Stoppage: A fighter's coach may announce defeat on the fighter's behalf by throwing in the towel during the match in progress.

Submission: A fighter may admit defeat during a match by a tap on the opponent's body or mat/floor, as well as a verbal announcement.

Blood rule: Because there is no blood testing for Judo, a competitor who cannot control the bleeding will not be allowed to continue. In the event of bleeding, the Referee will stop the clock and allow the competitor a reasonable amount of time (two to three minutes) to stop the bleeding. If the competitor continues to bleed a second time in the same match, that competitor will be Disqualified. The competitor is not Disqualified from the tournament, so if the competitor is competing in another division, or if it is a quarter finals match, the competitor will be allowed to continue in further contests. Bleeding is defined as an amount of blood that shows when a white cloth is pressed on the area. ​​ ​

Please take note You must be at or under the weight you register for ! ! ! LeLeo Code reserves the right to combine age and weight classes. ​

Scissor take downs are NOT permitted. 

No slamming is permitted from the guard or to escape submission. 

Pulling guard is NOT permitted.  

No slamming is permitted in take downs. In determining whether or not a take down was a slam, Referees will consider whether the intention was to hurt the opponent. 

Submissions must be applied without the intention to injure the joint. 

No strikes of any kind are allowed to any part of the body or head, by any part of the body or head. 

No clutching of the windpipe is permitted (open hand posting is permitted). 

No pressure of any type is allowed to the eyes. Explicitly, no fingers, chin, palm, heel, etc. are allowed to press on or around the eyes. 

No pressure of any type is allowed to the groin, unless it is an inevitable and the unintended result of a legitimate technique. 

No pressure may be applied directly into the nose unless it is an inadvertent consequence of a legitimate technique. 

No fish hooking is permitted. 

No biting is permitted. A player defending against a rear naked choke cannot purposefully open his/her mouth so the teeth contact the opponents forearm. 

No spiking an opponent on his/her head is allowed. 

No Small Joint Manipulation is permitted. No pulling a thumb or less than three fingers is permitted. 

No pulling hair is permitted. 

No pinching, twisting of skin are permitted. 

No putting a finger or toe into any orifice are permitted. 

No Interference by a corner with any official or fighter.

No attacking an opponent in any of these circumstances:

1. Before the fight has started.

2. After the fight has ended.

3. During a rest period between rounds.

4. When an opponent is being attended by a doctor or any other official.

No spitting while on the mat is permitted.

No swearing is allowed by a player either on the mats, or next to them.

Coaches and spectators are held to these professional standards as well.

No inappropriate behavior, such as foul language, and bodily gestures will be tolerated.

No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated!

No stalling is permitted!

No competitor can compete with a communicable skin disease, including ring worm, impetigo, herpes, etc.