Open Martial Arts Tournament Rules
KATA / KOBUDO / KUMITE (Point Sparring)

1. We reserved the rights of Admission and or participation
2. It is the responsibility of each Instructor, Coach, person in charged and or participants to know and understand the Rules of the Tournament
3. The presence of the General Public or any person not authorize in the competition area is completely Prohibited
4. Unsuitable Conduct, disrespectful, in behalf of the competidor, Instructor, Coach, person in charge, the competitor will be disqualified automatically and or the whole school or organization
5. The Category will be call three (3) times if the competitor is not present with the proper uniform and or safety equipment he/she will be disqualified.
6. All participants most be properly Uniformed and Identified according to style or Organization. The following is not permitted in the Tournament Circuit: excessive make up, jewelry, cell phones or any unsuitable clothing.
7. There will not be any refund of registration fees for any reason, to competitors already registers. The promoter to his/her discretion may offer a credit for a future event.
8. All referees, judges, arbitrators will be chosen by the tournament director making sure they are properly.

KATA: (Forms / Formas):

9. The competitor call will give the name of his/her style and the name of the form that will be executed
10. The scores will be from 7.1 to 8.0 in Novice & Advance categories and from 8.1 to 9.0 in Adult Black Belts. (Whole numbers & decimals will be use to avoid ties) An average score of 7.5 or 7.4 will be giving to the first competitor in Novice & Advance and a 8.5 or 8.4 to adult black
11. In the categories ages 13 and over, if the competitor forgets or makes a mistake in his/her form he/she will be disqualified. In the categories from 12 and under the competitor will have one second chance to do it over againg
12. In case of a Tie the winner will be decided by the judge’s flags or hands.

13. All rules that apply to open hand (Kata) forms
14. All weapons most be inspected and approve by the principal judge before starting the category.
15. The following is not permitted: Plastic tubes (PVC), broom sticks, all weapons most be approve by the head judge.
16. When executing the form the competitor must keep a minimum distance of 5 feet from the judges, other wise one (1) point will be deducted from his final score.
17. If the competitor in the children’s category (3-12 years) drops his weapon, he/she will get a second chance to repeat his/her form. If it happens again the competitor will de disqualified. If it happens in any other category the competitor will be disqualified.

KUMITE: Sparring light contact
18. Coaching is not permitted (See Optional Rules). One representative per school is permitted during sparring categories to help organize his/her group and to help the competitor with his/her equipment. (This person must be properly identified).
19. All sparring matches are run on an unlimited time and 5 point scoring. The first one to score 5 points wins.
20. The match will not be detaining unless the referee orders it.
21. There will be two (2) corner judges and one referee or four (4) corner judges and one referee (Observe optional rules).
22. Judges that see a point score will raise both flags in front of him toward the center of the ring and upon the referees command they will score according to their discretion (White or Red), if it was 1 point, 2 points or 3 points. With 3 judges there must be a minimum of two votes in favor to be counted as a point. If there are 5 judges there must be a minimum of 3 votes in favor to be counted as a point
23. All punching techniques are 1 point. Kicking techniques are 2 points. Flying Kicks to the head gear are 3 points. In the Adult Black Belt categories grabbing and sweeping technique to the front leg only (No striking) follow up with a Punch or Kick combination is permitted and it will be counted as 3 points. (No other type of sweeps is permitted).
24. Kicking techniques (Light Contact) are valid to the head gear (Not to the Face) in all categories. Punch to the Face area is not permitted. Exception; punch to the head gear area is permitted in all categories. (Safety Equipment mandatory).
25. All closed fist punching techniques are allowed. (Safety Equipment is mandatory), light contact, to torso area, chest, sides and kidney areas. No open hand, knife hand, fingers or palm techniques are allowed. No open hand or punching techniques will be allowed to the face. (It is considering a Penalty).

26. Kicking and Punching techniques(Light Contact) are allowed to the torso, sides and kidney areas. (Not valid to the high back area, clavicle area, throat area, spinal column area, and bladder or lower body areas).
27. Safety equipment for feet, hands, head, mouth piece, groin protectors are mandatory in all categories. It is the responsibility of each competitor to have his/her own safety equipment. All types of safety equipment are permitted as long as it does not put your opponent in any risk of danger. (All equipment must be approve by the referee
28. PENALTIES: (The Referee will determine towards the following penalties
a) Stepping or going out of the Ring that have not been cause by a striking techniques or push
b) No grabbing or sweeping. (Yes it is permitted in the adult Black Belt divisions only
c) Not presenting combat attitude.
d) Pushing your opponent and/or unsuitable Conduct.
e) Continue fighting after the match has been detained or stop
f) Strikes to the Face or areas not permitted.
g) Low strikes (bladder, groin, thighs, legs, etc.)
h) Strikes to Spinal column.
i) Strikes to neck or clavicle areas.
j) Excessive Contact.
k) Whatever situation that the referee might consider necessary.
29. From the first to the fourth penalty according to the seriousness of the situation the competitor might be disqualified or a point (1) could be awarded to the adversary. Second penalty one (1) point to the adversary. Third penalty 2 points to the adversary. Fourth penalty two (2) points to the adversary. (Total of 5 points) in which he/she will be declared the winner9
30. The first to score five (5) points is the winner9
31. All contacts that: causes Bleeding, swelling, hematoma, cuts or knock-out, will be disqualified, (the cause and severity of the injury will be taken into consideration before making any decision9
32. Any competitor that has been seriously injured and has lead to the disqualification of his opponent will not be allowed to continue competing.
33. Sneakers, sandals or any kind of foot wear are not allowed in Sparring. (Yes it is permitted in the Forms categories according to style
34. To award a point the competitor must be inside the ring area. (It is considered being out of the ring when one foot is out of the Blue line or outer line
35. The size of the competitor will not be taken into consideration. The Sparring categories will be divided according to age, rank and/ or experience. Masculine and female compete in separate categories.
36. The “Bye” is an automatic winner. (The bye will be chosen according to the official “Bye” chart).
37. We will not match two competitors from the same school unless there are no other competitors available).
38. All Categories will be divided according to age, rank (Novice or Advance). It will not be permitted to compete out of the designated age or rank groups. If a competitor participates in a category that he/she does not belong, he/she will be disqualified. (Must present prove of age if necessary). A competitor that has no opponent can compete in that division and the judges will award points accordingly or they may move up 1 category in forms and weapons. In sparring they must move up 1 catigory
39. Alterations to these Rules will not be permitted
40. If for any reason there are situations which do not appear in these rules, the final decision will be taken by the Referee and corner judges, floor Arbitrators or Tournament Director.).

( All sparring Protection must be on including face shield in order to do the point sparring.

* OPTIONAL RULES: REGLAS OPCIONALES: The following rules and regulations will be permited at discretion of the Tournament Promotor and/or DirectorThe use of one (1), three (3) or five (5) judges in a ring.
Coaching Optional
Time Keeper, 1 or 2 min rounds in Sparring
Permit Point to the Head Gear with Fist in all Categories
Permit Point to the Head Gear with Feet in all Categories
Sweeping the front leg technique